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Dispensing Equipment

Meter-mix or dispensing units are beneficial for production processes – even low-volume – that require a steady, equally proportioned, or measured output. Dispensing equipment consists of a mix head, a dispenser, metering pumps, a control unit and material holding tanks, buckets, drums or barrels. To control material temperature, in order to improve cure rate, blend uniformity, and to lower process inconsistency, conditioning or heater/cooling units can be integrated.

While the dispensing equipment components depend on shot size, quantity, material characteristics, and process control, the material may be held in containers from single to hundreds of gallons in size. Pumps used in this process can be sized to meter in single grams per second up to hundreds of pounds per minute.

NETZSCH has been developing, producing and marketing NEMO® progressing cavity pumps for over 50 years and is one of the world’s most trend-setting problem solvers for all kinds of applications – particularly in the area of metering technology. At NETZSCH, our knowledge is constantly applied to new developments. Not only do we place value on optimizing positive-displacement pump technology, but also to the developments of metering components used by our customers to ensure that we meet their needs.

NEMO® metering technology can provide a nearly shear-free conveyance and extremely gentle handling of highly abrasive, viscous and filled products that can be applied to a broad range of applications that include vehicle manufacturing, the electronics industry, the pharmaceutical and foods industries, renewable energy resources, and other bonding and sealing industries.